#11 Range

Over the years my range has spread dramatically. I can look at one of my beginning pieces and it may be small and bulky. Now I can make anything from miniature 1 inch pots to pots 4 feet tall. My prices, generally range from about $4 to $300 per peice. I make porcelain jewelry, functional wares, and decorative pieces. Earrings, jewelry, bowls, rice bowls, handwarming mugs, double cups, garlic graters, lemon juices, travel cups, spoon rests, brown sugar keepers, mugs, planters, mixing bowls, piggy banks, trinket dishes dinnerware. If you can think it up, I can make it. I am constantly trying to challenge myself and broaden my range of wares, and my talents. My firings range from and atmospheric electric kiln, to a gas reduction kiln, to an occasional raku or salt firing. I use clay bodies that have temperature ranges from Cone 4 up to Cone 10. Red terracotta clay, beautifully white porcelain, as well as brown, red and white stonewares.

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