• #16 Selfcare

    I try to have fun most fun making ceramics. As seen in my cheesy cheese board here. I like to spread gouda vibes and create smiles with my work. Wo...
  • #15 HELP

    I get by with a little help from my friends
  • #13 USP Unique Selling Points

    What are my unique selling points? Sure you can buy dinnerware anywhere. But is it handmade? Does it have a seperate cup to store your crackers or ...
  • #11 Range

    Over the years my range has spread dramatically. I can look at one of my beginning pieces and it may be small and bulky. Now I can make anything fr...
  • Day 10 Authentic Space

    Where I work. My space.
  • March Meet The Maker Day 9: ROUGH/MOCK-UP

    I like to just dive in and create. Does it always work? No. Then I try, try again.
  • March meet the maker Day #8. Love to make:

    My favorite is when I'm just winging it and coming up with a new concept.  On the regular though, I love make bowls!
  • March meet the maker Day 7: YOU

    You. Your thoughts and input are a valuable asset. Thank you all.
  • Day 6 March meet the maker: REDUCING WASTE

    Hey all! Day #6 #marchmeetthemaker Today is about REDUCING WASTE. What I do to reduce my waste. First off. I reclaim my clay. After my peices are ...
  • March meet the maker Day 5: CLOSEUP

    A close-up view of some of my work.
  • March meet the maker Day #4 BRAND:

    A little bit about my brand in today's meet the maker challenge.... We've all heard of centrifugal force growing up in school; An apparent for...
  • #Marchmeetthemaker challenge #3 TIME:

    How long does this to take to do? To learn? To fire? To prepare? A little something about time.