Day 6 March meet the maker: REDUCING WASTE

Hey all! Day #6 #marchmeetthemaker
Today is about REDUCING WASTE.
What I do to reduce my waste. First off. I reclaim my clay. After my peices are thrown and trimmed, I am left with all these clay scraps. I take all my scraps and throw them in a bucket to dry. Once dry, I add a whole bunch of water to break down all the clay particles. After a few weeks or months, honestly sometimes years with certain clay bodies, once it is a nice yogurt consistency I reclaim it. I pour it onto large slumps of plaster to suck te moisture out. Once it's at the ideal level I wedge it up to get out air bubbles, weigh it out and wahla! It's ready to be used again. I used about 24 containers of commercial glaze the other day and a studio mate asked me whi I was saving all those bottles. Same with protein powder container or yogurt or sour cream at home. The BF always saying why do you need those? I'll use them for something around the studio that's why. Store clay slip, mix some glaze, maybe a wash or an oxide or an engobe. I'm always finding ways to reuse my "trash" in the studio. Even my clay scraps I sometime end up finding a way to incorporate into my work. One man's trash is another's treasure. Anything I can use for texture, is also kept. I try to scrap every last but of glaze out of a container with a spatula. And even once I think I have gotten it all, I let that container dry to get all the little clay crumble flakes. I save them up, and they will eventually be used to make a giant bowl that looks like a jawbreaker. Happy creating! Until tomorrow.
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