March Meet The Maker

I was just introduced to #marchmeetthemaker challenger. I'm a day behind, so today you'll get 2 posts.
#1 is MY STORY...

In 2004 my significant other needed to take a class to bring up his GPA, so he decided upon a ceramics course. Ceramics class? I thought that sounded fun! I had never had any clay experience and thought I would join in. At the end of the semester learning the basics of hand building, we were introduced to THE POTTERY WHEEL! I nailed centering the clay right away, and thought wow! I need to learn how to do this! I continued onto ceramics 2 and learned more forms after learning the basics. I took an employment opportunity as a flight attendant and that's where my clay days took the 1st hault. After 2.5 years flying the friendly skies, I had a passenger ask me one day if this is my passion, and if I see myself doing this the rest of my life. I said honestly...I really miss playing in clay. 2 months later I quit my job as a flight attendant and went back to ceramics courses. It was now 2010 and I was determined to figure this out. I was in the studio all day everyday. Skipping work, skipping functions with friends. I needed to get good at this and perfect my craft. I retook ceramics 2, and then ceramics 3, and then direct/independent studies course more times than I can even count. I loosely opened my business Centripetal Designs pottery and started doing shows. I was the president of my ceramics club and we started a pottery boutique on campus where we brought in professional artists to learn and gain experience from. Fast forward a few years of doing more shows and a few fairs, here and there. I got really big into fitness, and after some family and personal issues, I just didn't have time to "play in the mud", and needed to focus on "making a living" at the day job. 3 years went by with no clay. December '18 I was having a chat with my friend and he said " Erin you need to be doing what makes you happy in life. Are you happy?" I said No. I immediately signed back up for classes, and spend 2019 grinding out my wares. 2020 I'm ready! I just spent 7 weeks in Florida selling my wares, I'll be in a few galleries, and shops. The time is now.
I am so excited and nervous to see what the future holds, but I know for sure, there is NO MORE QUITTING. NO MORE LIFE GETTING IN THE WAY. This is my life. This is my passion. I struggle with confidence in my work and rejection, but it is a constant learning experience and I am blessed to be on my amazing clay journey with the love and support of my fabulous friends, family, and customers.πŸ’•Thank you all!

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