March meet the maker Day #4 BRAND:

A little bit about my brand in today's meet the maker challenge....

We've all heard of centrifugal force growing up in school; An apparent force that acts outward on a body moving around a center, arising from the body's inertia. What you may not have heard of was Centripetal force; a force that acts on a body moving in a circular path and is directed toward the center around which the body is moving.
Sitting at a wheel I am that force. My clay is the body moving in a circular path on the wheel and I am the force pushing it towards the center, which is the beginning of making every piece on the wheel. Thus I came up with the name Centripetal Designs. I hand sign the bottom of my pieces to try to match my logo, with an array of circular designs and swirls. I make functional useful pottery. I am a happy potter, that thinks smiles are contagious! So if you see me at an art show, or hanging around the studio, I am usually laughing at my own "dad jokes" or just genuinely trying to send positive vibes and share smiles. I'm just a girl trying to live the life of an artist spreading joy. I hope when you buy a piece from me it gives you as much joy as I have had creating it.

One of my favorite quotes "Positive energy activates constant elevation!" So hopefully I'll see you soon friends!
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