March meet the maker Day 7: YOU


I saw you online looking for that perfect mug. You asked for a selection and among all of the choices you liked mine.

You. Liked. Mine.

You liked my work. My attention to detail.

Shortly after, you messaged me. You even went and liked my page. We exchanged messages about what you were interested in and wanted. I sent you pricing. You didn’t reply. You ghosted me.

You'll be back. You need somebody dedicated, professional and artistic.
You need me. I’ll be making your mug. We will work together.

I just know it.

In all seriousness... You..
You are what makes my business run. Without you supporting me I couldn't be here doing what I love. Many of you give great comments and ideas and support. I appreciate each and every one of YOU. 😘 Thank you.

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