March meet the maker Day #8. Love to make:


BOWLS! In practical BABBES. Big ass bowls by Erin. I love to make bowls. The bigger the better. There is just something about the that swirl in the bottom and a perfectly curved bowl that catches my eye. Occasionally the weight of the clay is too much amd my rim may collapse. On those occasions, I try to find a way to save my bowl, by flipping it over, giving it a wiggle and hanging it upside down to stiffen up. The end result is usually a wonderfully funky curvy bowl that I could never again exactly replicate. Gravity has helped me in this instance. The largest bowl I have thrown to date that survived, was my 18lb galaxy bowl. It sold at my last show in Florida in Feb. It was a workout! All this talk, I can't wait to get back into the studio and make some more! Hopeing to start birdbaths and fountains! #bowls #march #maker #pottery #ceramics #centripetaldesigns #clay #claydays

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