March Meet The Maker Day 9: ROUGH/MOCK-UP


Rarely do I draw anything out that I envision making. I generally just give it a go, and adjust from there. My most recent new item I am creating are these "hand-warming mugs". This is my first one. My rough mock-up if you will. I made 8. I will finish and hopefully after shrinkage (clay shrinks about 12%-18% from what you originally make, so that is ALWAYS something you have to factor in)... I am hoping it will still be a good fit for the hand. Hoping that the slab I rolled out to cover the inside slit is attached well enough and is thick enough, not to have sustained any cracks or disjoins during the firings. Only time will tell. It will either work, or it will not and back to the drawing board. That is my rough draft. I will learn from this series, and do it better next time around. #alwayslearning #alwaysimproving #roughdraft #mockup #clay #pottery #mug #handmade #handwarmers
#centripetaldesigns #new

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